"I’ve been enjoying the e-mail notifications, but never took the time to go to the website. I tend to get embroiled in loans and put off things I know I "should do". I have been going to the website throughout the day this week and have saved money for my borrowers and myself. It’s much more proactive than waiting and wondering if I will get an e-mail to see what the market is doing. " -- Jamie O’Neal from CA(10/22/2009)"Today was my first day using Rate Alert and it has already paid off! I was floating a $175,000 deal from last evening. The market opened strong and the recommendation was to float until 1:00pm. At 12:34pm a Lock Alert was sent and the MBS Tracker jumped from -6 to -20. I went ahead and locked my deal and within 1 hour I had 4 investor re-prices for the worse. I ended up $357 to the good on the very 1st day with just 1 deal. That proved to be a great return on my investment." -- Frank Ruzicka from Conerstone Mortgage Inc.(1/13/2010)"I recently switched from a more expensive rate alert service. Your new site is awesome! I now have the confidence to know when to lock my loans via text, e-mail or online and so much more, all at much better price. And the new MBS Tracker rocks! I love the trend lines and the levels of support. Outstanding!" -- Ray Blindauer, CA(10/5/2009)"SO helpful. Thanks for the great information!!! I look forward to a good year and Rate Alert will certainly play a big roll in my success" -- Cristie C. from Kirkland, WA(1/12/2011)"I couldn't survive without Rate Alert!" -- Hary M. from St Louis, MO(1/14/2010)
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